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The Full Works!

A dog coming into our salon for 'The Full Works' will receive some, if not all, of our standalone services where appropriate.  Add-on services are available.

In general, 'The Full Works' includes:

  • Removal of undercoat, matting & knots where appropriate (please note: where matting is extensive, we will not put a dog through the dematting process.  The animal's welfare must be considered at all times).

  • Hydrotherapy bath & two shampoos with a luxury shampoo suited to your dog's coat and skin type

  • Blueberry facial - tearless product that removes debris, oil and grease; particularly good for brachycephalic breeds.

  • Luxury conditioner suited to your dog's coat and skin type

  • Blaster dry with a high-velocity dryer

  • Fluff dry with a high-velocity stand dryer (for woolly coats)

  • Full style trim; breed standard, pet trim or contour trim

  • Full pedicure: nails clipped, pads cleared of fur, any knots removed from between the toes, pad health checked; paw balm applied

  • Eyes, ears and skin folds cleaned; nose balm applied

  • Teeth checked/cleaned where necessary

  • Hair removed from around the eyes and ear canals where necessary

  • Sanitary trim:  hair is trimmed short around the genital area for hygiene purposes

  • Areas that are prone to matting are trimmed short: behind the ears, armpits, under the tail, and underside of the ear flaps.

  • Check for lumps, bumps, hotspots & parasites

  • Luxury cologne

  • Complimentary collar bow / bandana

  • Grooming Summary

Please note, any dog found to have fleas will be bathed in a flea shampoo.  The groom may continue, but you will be charged an additional fee.

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