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A groomers pet hate is having to shave a dog down.  Whilst it is the kindest thing to do where matting is extensive, it isn't something we take pleasure in.  If we recommend that your dog be shaved down, it is because dematting just isn't possible or to expect a dog to stand for extended periods of time in discomfort would be inhumane.

We want other dog owners to ask where your dog was groomed.  We want your dog to be a walking advertisement for our services, and a shave down doesn't achieve that!

Groomers and owners have a common interest and that is a love of dogs.  Humanity has to come before vanity every time.

Removing the matted coat, making your dog more comfortable and putting you back in control is the most important thing, and it has to be that way, every time.

We can work together to ensure your dog stays in good condition and we can achieve the look that you desire!

peeking dog.png

..... felted dog hair!

Grooming Plans


Initially, Grooming Plans were put in place for doodles and poodle crosses as their coats are incredibly high maintenance, and too many were coming into the salon needing a shave down.  However, other pet parents expressed an interest in them, and so they are now available to everyonePlease note that a grooming plan will be made available to you on your third appointment with us.  We need time to get to know each other and to decide on the best plan going forward.

Grooming Plans enable owners to stay in control of their dog's coat, avoiding the dreaded shave down.  It provides a fixed monthly payment making budgeting much easier, and includes many other benefits too.

How Does a Grooming Plan Work?

An owner on a Grooming Plan will have guaranteed grooming appointments booked for the entire year.  All included services are by 10%, and the total cost is divided into 12 equal payments, paid via direct debit on or around the 25th of each month.  

What's included?

  • A grooming kit suited to your dog's coat type.

  • A mini grooming lesson on how to maintain your dog's coat in between appointments.

  • 12 months of guaranteed grooming appointments.

  • Pop-ins throughout the year if you run into trouble; with ears & eyes, feet, knots and general health & diet concerns.

  • Review of your grooming plan where necessary.

Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled with 24hrs notice.

How Do I Setup a Grooming Plan?

In discussion with you, we will decide on the best way to manage your dog's coat, taking into account your lifestyle, the amount of time you realistically have available to devote to grooming your dog at home, your dog's coat type, his willingness to be brushed and his exercise routine; does your dog like water, muddy puddles or go into the sea?

Once we have agreed on a grooming interval and any other services you wish to include, we will total everything up and apply your 10% discount.  We will send you details of your Grooming Plan via email, which will break down all of your services, your monthly payment and your overall annual savings.  We will also send you a link via GoCardless to set up your direct debit.  

A typical example of a Grooming Plan for a medium-sized Cockerpoo:

My Dog, Alfie

My dog is a medium sized, 2 year old Apricot Cockerpoo with a woolly type coat.  He doesn't really like being brushed, but he will tolerate it to a point.  He gets bored quickly and then starts to nip me.  It inevitably turns into a bit of a battle.

His favourite pastime is to go to the beach and swim in the sea.  We do dry him when he comes out, but his coat takes so long to dry, and then he smells.  I think the salt is causing his coat to knot up, but we do what we can.  We go to the seaside about once a month.  If he's not in the sea, he will find puddles; the muddier, the better!

I've tried to bath him at home, but it's so messy and my hairdryer doesn't get him dry at all.  He's then running around the house soaking wet!

I like his coat longer, but I do find it quite hard to manage.  I just want him to look like a Cockerpoo!

Family at a Beach

If you find that your dog needs a nail clip before his next groom, a pesky knot has appeared or the hair around his eyes needs trimming, just pop along, and we'll sort it out for you, free of charge.  It's all included in your Grooming Plan!

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