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Grooming Facts


Dog Grooming .............. why is it more expensive than my hairdresser??

  • Your hairdresser will most likely have just a few pairs of scissors, combs and brushes.  As groomers, we need many types of scissors, blades, different types of combs and brushes for different hair types, different styling techniques, and tools for removing mats and knots.  We also need a variety of different dryers.  We get through many towels, poo bags, paper towels, disinfectants and air fresheners.   

  • Some dogs come into us very dirty & matted.  This takes time to deal with, and if we have to pre-clip a dog with a dirty coat, it damages our blades beyond repair; at £40.00 per blade, it can be quite an expensive process.

    We hope you don't turn up to your hairdresser not having washed or brushed your hair for a few weeks!


  • Occasionally a dog will have had a bad experience at a grooming salon and is either very nervous or aggressive.  It may just be that this behaviour is in their nature.  The groom has to go ahead to avoid developing health issues and keep the dog in good condition.  In these instances, we need to go slowly and at the dog's pace.  We may have to wear bite gloves and spread the groom over a couple of sessions to spare the dog unnecessary stress.  These dogs can be unpredictable, and we do occasionally get bitten.  

    We would hope that you don't bite your hairdresser or have an accident all over them!


  • We don't expect you would ask your hairdresser to clean your bottom and squeeze your anal glands (that you don't have incidentally).  They probably don't clean your ears and eyes or trim your nails.

  • Some dogs wriggle around a lot, making the groom quite difficult.  Whilst children are wrigglers, they are probably a little more obliging than a 100lb Retriever!

  • Your hairdresser only cuts the hair on your head, thankfully! 

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