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What Services Do We Offer?


Our services are many and varied, and we try to help our pet parents in any way we can.  If our standard services aren't a good fit for your pup's needs, please give us a call on 01342 843015 or email us at, and we will be happy to discuss your personal situation.

Standalone Services

Nail Clip

Some nails grow quickly, especially if the dog is primarily exercised on grass.  You can pay as you go or buy a nail clip or pedicure package to ensure your dog's feet stay in tip-top condition.

Weekly appointments are available for those dogs with exceptionally long nails and quicks.

Face Trim

There's nothing worse when your dog can't see, and he's not due a groom for a few weeks.  Give us a call and we will trim your dog's visor and get rid of some of those nasty brown hairs that grow around the mouth.

This service is provided free of charge on a Grooming Plan!

Bath & Brush Out

There's no doubt that some coats are challenging.  Many of our pet parents, especially those owning doodle/poodle crosses, combine a bath & brush out with a full groom on a rotating cycle to ensure that they stay in control of their dog's coat. 

A bath & brush out includes:

  • Hydrotherapy bath with luxury shampoo & conditioner, blueberry facial and massage

  • High-velocity blaster dry and a thorough check for lumps, bumps & parasites

  • Fluff dry (for woolly coats)

  • Cologne

  • Bow

Grooming Plans can include any number of services, and the cost evenly spread over 12 months.

Itch Relief

Many dogs suffer with allergies, especially white dogs.  Providing a regular bath in a luxury shampoo designed to provide relief from itching can bring some relief to the pet parent too! 

We have many shampoos available, however if your vet has prescribed a medicated shampoo, then we are happy to use that instead.

Puppy Acclimatisation

Dogs are not naturally conditioned to accept being groomed by a human!


Humans have created very high-maintenance coats by selective breeding, and so we owe it to them to make the grooming process as enjoyable as possible.

A new puppy owner can purchase this package online, which provides five weekly consecutive appointments, culminating in a full groom.  Each session is built on positive experiences, play, occasional treats and, of course, lots of cuddles!


We take care of all things feet!  A dog's feet take quite a bashing day to day.  A full pedicure includes:

  • pads cleared of hair

  • nail clip

  • knots removed from between the toes

  • tidy up of the fur/hair around the foot

  • foot balm applied to all pads to prevent cracking or to promote healing.

Sanitary Trim

It's important to keep key areas on your dog free from hair for hygiene reasons.  A dog that consistently wees through its coat will not only create bad odours but will also be more prone to infections.  We are happy to provide this service between grooms where necessary.

This service is provided free of charge on a Grooming Plan!

Anal Glands

Some dogs suffer with their anal glands more than others.  Our general rule is that if they aren't causing any problems, then they are best left alone.  Other times, you may notice your dog chewing at his rear end or scooting their bottom along the floor.

If this is the case, we are happy to express a dog's anal glands as long as there is no pain or signs of infection.  Otherwise, you will need to see your vet.

Administering Medication

Many of our pet parents struggle with administering ear drops, eye drops and other medications to their dog!

We are more than happy to provide this service free of charge to all of our regular clients.  In exceptional circumstances, we may even come to you!

Nervous Dog Training

Similar in structure to our 'Puppy Acclimatisation' package, the 'Nervous Dog Training' package includes eight weekly consecutive appointments, including half a day's daycare, culminating in a full groom.

The schedule is flexible, as we need to work at your dog's pace.

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Puppy Love

We provide a puppy package which includes 5 weekly sessions, a grooming kit for your dog's coat type, ending in a full groom!

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Obsessed with dogs

Dogs are our passion and our way of life!  They go to school, they stay over and we pander to their every need.

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Dog groomers are creative people.  We like a dog to walk out of the salon feeling and looking a million dollars! 

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Mucky Pupz is dedicated to the education in all things dog!  Do you really know who you are living with?

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