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Established in 2015, we are dedicated to providing a bespoke grooming experience tailored to both you and your pup.  As dog owners ourselves, we know how very busy and impersonal some grooming salons can be, with little time afforded to building a rapport with either the owner or the dog.  Rarely are owners permitted to see where their dog is groomed or provided with an understanding of the overall grooming process and how this may impact their pooch.  Grooming has to be part of life for many dogs, and taking the time to ensure that all parties are well-versed in the part they will play in the dog's life is essential.

Forging a healthy relationship with our clients is key, and this begins from the first contact.  Before accepting a booking, we like to introduce our owners and their dogs to the grooming salon so that they are familiar with the environment.  This takes the form of a 30-minute consultation, free of charge; you will get to see where your dog will be groomed, you will meet your groomer, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have. If you think we are a good fit for you and your dog's needs, we can book you in for your first appointment.


We are not a conveyor belt!   Your dog will be the only dog in the salon, providing a calm and exclusive service.  We will allocate as much time to each dog as is necessary.  On a busy day, we will have just 4-6 grooms, made up of various breeds and personalities.  This does mean we are slightly more expensive than some of our counterparts, but you can rest assured that your dog will receive a VIP service.  Our staff are fully qualified in canine grooming and behaviour, and your dog will receive one-to-one care at all times. 


When your groom is almost complete, you will receive a call or text from us with a time for collection.  You will receive a 'Grooming Summary' with information on how your dog managed the grooming process, the condition of his coat and any concerns or recommendations we may have on your dog's future grooming requirements and overall health.

A Grooming Salon with a Difference!

There's no rush; we'll take as long as your dog needs!  We are also cage-free!​  We take a holistic approach to your dog's well-being, and this begins with love, relaxation and massage. Not every dog enjoys the grooming process, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience!!


The salon is a quiet, calm, airy, relaxing space with soft music and dog-safe aromatherapy.  We work at your dog's pace and take short breaks for play sessions to ensure your dog's stress levels are kept to an absolute minimum.  If you would like to speak to someone about our grooming services or discuss your own particular requirements, please feel free to call us on 01342 843015 or email us on


Introductory sessions are available for those who may have had a previous bad experience.  We'll work together towards a good outcome and for however long it takes!  See our page on 'Nervous Dogs'.

We want to demystify the grooming process and open up the lines of communication


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Mucky Pupz Grooming Salon

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01342 843015

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